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StencilPro Silk Screen StencilPro is a revolutionary product for creating custom silk screen stencils for use on virtually any surface. StencilPro is a unique material made from fine silkscreen mesh coated with light sensitive water-soluble polymer. You do not need harmful chemicals to develop StencilPro. All it needs is a black and white image on plain white paper (or transparency), sunlight (or fluorescent light) and tap water to develop. You can use StencilPro to print on fabric, metal, wood, paper, glass, ceramic... the list is endless.

Create your stencils with either your own drawings or from clip art images and designs. Use your developed screens with spray paint, etching paste, textile paint, ceramic glazes, enamels, and tube acrylic paints. Print your own Circuit Boards, screen print t-shirts, etch glass, personalize coffee mugs, add custom touch to your scrapbooks, and create accents for your polymer clay jewelry. This product is ideal for small space setup.

StencilPro Standard
StencilPro Standard  (3)
StencilPro HiRes
StencilPro HiRes  (3)
StencilPro Starter Kits
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